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Politics of Guizhou

The politics of Guizhou Province in the People's Republic of China is structured in a dual party-government system like all other governing institutions in mainland China.

The Governor of Guizhou is the highest ranking official in the People's Government of Guizhou. However, in the province's dual party-government governing system, the Governor has less power than the Guizhou Communist Party of China Provincial Committee Secretary, colloquially termed the "Guizhou CPC Party Chief".

List of the CPC Guizhou Committee Secretaries

#Su Zhenhua : 1949-1954
#Zhou Lin : 1954-1964
#Li Dazhang : 1964-1965
#Jia Qiyun : 1965-1967
#Li Zaihe : 1967-1969
#Lan Yinong : 1969-1973
#Lu Ruilin : 1973-1977
#Ma Li : 1977-1979
#Chi Biqing : 1979-1985
#Zhu Houze : 1985
#Hu Jintao : 1985-1988
#Liu Zhengwei : 1988-1993
#Liu Fangren : 1993-2001
#Qian Yunlu : 2001-2005
#Shi Zhongyuan : 2005-incumbent

List of Governors of Guizhou

#Yang Yong : 1949-1954
#Zhou Lin : 1955-1965
#Li Li : 1965-1967
#Li Zaihe : 1967-1971
#Lan Yinong : 1971-1973
#Lu Ruilin : 1973-1977
#Ma Li : 1977-1979
#Su Gang : 1980-1983
#Wang Zhaowen : 1983-1993
#Chen Shineng : 1993-1996
#Wu Yixia : 1996-1998
#Qian Yunlu : 1998-2001
#Shi Xiushi : 2001-2006
#Lin Shusen : 2006-incumbent

List of Chairmen of Guizhou People's Congress

#Xu Jiansheng : 1980-1983
#Wu Shi : 1983-1985
#Zhang Yuhuan : 1985-1993
#Liu Zhengwei : January 1993-July 1993
#Liu Yulin : July 1993-January 1994
#Wang Chaowen : 1994-1998
#Liu Fangren : January 1998-November 2002
#Qian Yunlu : January 2003-December 2005
#Shi Zongyuan : January 2006-incumbent

List of the Chairmen of CPPCC Guizhou Committee

#Shen Yunpu : 1955-1956
#Xu Jiansheng : 1956-1959
#Miao Chunting : 1959-1967
#Li Baohua : 1977-1979
#Chi Biqing : 1979-1980
#Miao Chunting : 1980-1993
#Long Zhiyi : 1993-1998
#Wang Siqi : 1998-2006
#Sun Gan : 2006-2007
#Huang Yao : 2007-incumbent

List of prisons in Guizhou province

This is a list of prisons within Guizhou province of the People's Republic of China.

* Anshun Prison
* Beidoushan Prison
* Bijie Prison
* Chishui Prison
* Dadongla Prison
* Dafang Prison
* Danzhai Prison
* Dongpo Prison
* Duyun Prison
* Eshan Prison
* Fuquan Prison
* Guangshun Prison
* Guiyang Prison
* Haizi Prison
* Jiangkou Prison
* Jiaozishan Prison
* Jinhua Prison
* Jinping County Prison
* Jinxi Prison
* Kaili Prison
* Majiang Prison
* Maocaopu Prison
* Ninggu Prison
* Pingba Prison
* Pu'an Prison
* Qinglong Prison
* Qingzhen Prison
* Shazishao Prison
* Songlin Prison
* Taiping Prison
* Tian’gou Prison
* Tongren Prison
* Tongzhou Prison
* Wangwu Prison
* Weng'an Prison
* Weining Prison
* Xifeng Prison
* Xingyi Prison
* Yang'ai Prison
* Yudong Prison
* Yuping Prison
* Zhongzhuang Prison
* Zunyi Prison

List of laojiaos in Guizhou

This is a list of laojiaos within Guizhou province of the People's Republic of China.

*Anshun Reeducation Through Labor - Anshun City
*Bijie District Reeducation Through Labor - Zhujiawan, Bijie District
*Fuquan Reeducation Through Labor - Longchang Town, Fuquan City, Qiannanzhou
*Guizhou Province Reeducation Through Labor - battalion of Zhongba RTL
*Huagong Reeducation Through Labor - Unknown
*Juvenile Reeducation Through Labor - Unknown
*Sanjiang Reeducation Through Labor - Guiyang City
*Zhongba Reeducation Through Labor - Qingzhen City
*Zunyi Reeducation Through Labor - Zunyi City

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List of administrative divisions of Guizhou

Guizhou, a of the People's Republic of China, is made up of the following :

* 9 prefecture-level divisions
** 4
** 2 s
** 3 autonomous prefectures
* 88 county-level divisions
** 9 county-level cities
** 56
** 11
** 10 s
** 2 special districts
* 1543 township-level divisions
** 691 s
** 506 s
** 252 ethnic townships
** 94 subdistricts

These administrative divisions are explained in greater detail at Political divisions of China. The following table lists only the prefecture-level and county-level divisions of Guizhou.

Huaxi District

Huaxi District is a in Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou Province, China. It is a scenic resort and a national minority cultural center.

Huaxi has an area of 957.6 square km and a population of 328,700. Its GDP was 4.35 billion RMB in 2006.

It is named after the Huaxi River that meanders through the town and is featured by genuine hills and waters, pastoral beauty and national minority custom. The North Campus and South Campus of Guizhou University and Guizhou University for Nationalities are located in town. The educational facilities and natural beauty make it a renowned educational and cultural center as well as an important tourist destination of Guizhou and southwest China.

Gaoping, Guizhou

Gaoping is a small town in the mountains near Zunyi, in Guizhou province, People's Republic of China.

It is near the Moutai brewery, where Maotai rice liquor is brewed.

Lai fen, a kind of thick wide round rice noodle is made locally, and is difficult to find elsewhere.

The rice liquor Dongjiu is brewed nearby. The local beer Gaoyuan is quite delicious.
It is said that the local mountain water accounts for the quality of these locally-brewed beverages.

Dong people

The Dong people are an ethnic group. They form one of the officially recognized by the People's Republic of China, and are famed for their carpentry skills and unique architecture, in particular a form of covered bridge known as the "wind and rain bridge" . Many of the people are also farmers. Their cuisine prominently features foods and sticky rice.

They live mostly in Guizhou, Hunan, and Guangxi provinces of China.


The Dong language is a language. When written, the Dong people sometimes use Chinese characters to represent the sounds of Dong words. A new orthography based on the Latin alphabet was developed in 1958, but it is not used very much, due to a lack of printed material and trained teachers.

The Ethnologue distinguishes two Dong dialects with the codes for the southern dialect and for the northern.

Notable Dong people

* , gold medalist in the 10 meter synchronized platform diving at the 2004 Summer Olympics at Athens, Greece
*Wu Hongfei , singer for the Chinese rock band Happy Avenue
*Su Yu , the first four-star general of the People's Liberation Army
* (向旭)Nick:*浮砂 Fusha The youngest musican for [


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